Banks and financial institutions are increasingly faced with the need to increase their productivity and quality of service, particularly on their digital platforms. In addition, given the diversity of agencies using the same services, there is a growing desire to interconnect the different establishments.

At GLOBALTEL Networks, we master the needs of banks and financial institutions in telecommunications and connection. This is why we are able to offer you tailored solutions to provide you and your customers with the best experience.

In order to guarantee the performance of your establishments, we offer highly secure satellite solutions, allowing you to interconnect your various branches in a reliable and sustainable way. Our VSAT satellite offer has been designed for the specific needs of businesses as it brings stability, reliability and security wherever you are.

Why choose GLOBALTEL Networks ?

Unique support

At GLOBALTEL, we put people at the heart of our actions. Our teams, telecom experts, take the time to listen to you to guide you towards a solution 100% adapted to your company's needs.

A mastery of VSAT

VSAT is a satellite telecom solution that we have mastering and deploying for several years. We are able to explain how it works to help you gauge the interest of such a solution for your business.

Additional services

Beyond our offer, we provide you with many services to support the development of your business and help you improve performance.

Experienced teams

With years of experience in providing access for banks and financial institutions, our teams are able to guide you towards the choices that will allow you to secure and develop your business with confidence.

What is VSAT ?

Discover, in detail, how VSAT works and its advantages for companies wishing to benefit from a reliable telecom solution.



Very Small Aperture Terminal: VSAT stands for a satellite telecommunications system. Used for telephony and the Internet, VSAT provides stable and secure network coverage for both public and private networks. This technology is increasingly popular with companies who are looking for a reliable and constant connection while ensuring the security of their business.