The increase in number of mobile devices and the growing demand for connectivity require service providers to offer more and more extensive and efficient coverage. With the advent of fiber and 5G, consumers demand speed and affordability today.

To help internet service providers cope with this growing demand, we are sharing our know-how so that they can in turn pass it on to their beneficiaries. We provide access to our partner networks in order to deliver a reliable, stable and secure connection to as many people as possible.

To offer you the best internet access, we deploy a powerful satellite solution: VSAT. VSAT brings a stable and long-lasting connection to your customers in complete security, preserving their data and providing them with a backup solution in the event of a power outage. In addition, VSAT allows unrestricted access and away from censorship.

At GLOBALTEL, we provide you with the solution that will allow you to guarantee high-end services to your customers.

Why choose GLOBALTEL Networks ?

A unique support

It is because we place people at the heart of our concerns that our teams are able to offer you effective and satisfactory solutions. We study your needs with precision to offer you a solution totally adapted to the needs of your business.

A mastery of VSAT

We have been studying and deploying VSAT for many years with companies to guarantee them the best connection. This is why we take the time to explain how it works before directing you to this solution.

Additional services

In addition to our telecom offer, we offer you several levels of service in order to provide you with additional solutions for the development and performance of your business.

Experienced teams

With years of experience in providing access for Internet service providers, our teams are able to support you in the choices that will allow you to secure and develop your business with confidence.

What is VSAT ?

Discover, in detail, how VSAT works and its advantages for companies wishing to benefit from a reliable telecom solution.



Very Small Aperture Terminal: VSAT stands for a satellite telecommunications system. Used for telephony and the Internet, VSAT provides stable and secure network coverage for both public and private networks. This technology is increasingly popular with companies who are looking for a reliable and constant connection while ensuring the security of their business.