NGOs and diplomatic missions require specific telecommunications solutions tailored to their needs. Humanitarian work involves benefiting from flexible communication solutions that are easy to deploy and operational in remote areas.

At GLOBALTEL Networks, we know that responsiveness and security are fundamental for NGOs and diplomatic missions. This is why we offer highly technological solutions by placing connectivity, security and consistency at the heart of our offers. We provide you with a reliable, flexible and expert service that masters your specific needs to better meet them.

VSAT is a satellite-based telecommunication technology that provides a quality connection even in the most remote areas. VSAT provides a reliable and secure answer to NGOs and diplomatic missions to allow them access to technology that meets their needs.

Why choose GLOBALTEL Networks ?

A real support

Always attentive to your needs, our teams take the time to study your situation before offering you a solution 100% suited to your business. From the first discussions, we guide you towards the choice that corresponds to your company, your institution or your association.

A great mastery

For many years, our teams have mastered the most advanced technological solutions. To help you understand our offer, we explain how our satellite solutions work in practice before directing you to an offer 100% adapted to your needs.

Exclusive services

In addition, we provide you with additional services related to the needs of your business. The goal? Help you gain in productivity, performance and efficiency with comprehensive assistance. Selfcare, extranet, domain name... Discover our different levels of service for all needs.

A strong team

All of our advisors know the specificities of NGOs and diplomatic missions in terms of connection and coverage to offer you the best. We put your satisfaction at the heart of our actions to bring security and serenity.

What is VSAT ?

Discover, in detail, how VSAT works and its advantages for companies wishing to benefit from a reliable telecom solution.



Very Small Aperture Terminal: VSAT stands for a satellite telecommunications system. Used for telephony and the Internet, VSAT provides stable and secure network coverage for both public and private networks. This technology is increasingly popular with companies who are looking for a reliable and constant connection while ensuring the security of their business.