Telecom solutions to grow your industry.

Oil and gas companies have growing connectivity needs implying a high demand for data security. Telephone systems, surveillance, interconnection… these companies require a telecommunication offer that is 100% suited to their activity.

At GLOBALTEL Networks, we have been aware of the needs of oil and gas companies for many years as well as the changing practices within this industry. To support professionals, we deploy satellite solutions that allow remote sites to be interconnected while benefiting from a secure and stable connection, wherever you are.

Actually, satellite links provide stable and independent connectivity to any location. With VSAT, you secure your business over the long term for a more serene daily life.

Why choose GLOBALTEL Networks ?

A real support

Our experienced experts will listen to your needs and offer technical solutions adapted to your activity and industry. Before guiding you in choosing a quote 100% adapted to your activity, we will take the time to listen to your needs and constraints.

A great mastery of VSAT

At GLOBALTEL, each member of our team masters la VSAT .
To make this technology accessible to you, we explain how it works before presenting our telecommunication solutions.

Exclusive services

In addition to our offer, we provide you with many exclusive services allowing you to develop your business easily and quickly so that you can focus on the essentials.

A strong team

Our team has mastered the characteristics of oil and gas companies for several years. Thus, it is able to quickly guide you towards a specific solution to your company's needs.

What is VSAT ?

Discover, in detail, how VSAT works and its advantages for companies wishing to benefit from a reliable telecom solution.



Very Small Aperture Terminal: VSAT stands for a satellite telecommunications system. Used for telephony and the Internet, VSAT provides stable and secure network coverage for both public and private networks. This technology is increasingly popular with companies who are looking for a reliable and constant connection while ensuring the security of their business.