Founded in 2012, GLOBALTEL Networks provides the best of telecommunication to companies. With years of experience as an Internet access provider on the African continent, the founders of GLOBALTEL put their mastery of telecommunication at the service of professionals around the world, in order to provide them with the future of technology with confidence.

Based in Rabat, Morocco and N’Djamena, Chad, GLOBALTEL Networks operates across Africa with the aim of providing high-tech connectivity solutions to its beneficiaries.

Born from the will of the leaders to transmit the connection to as many people as possible, the company has been coming up with effective and ambitious offerings for almost a decade. To ensure that professionals can carry out their activity calmly on a daily basis, GLOBALTEL gives the best of telecoms to companies.

« It is this willingness to share our knowledge that drives us to always go further in terms of services and technologies. Engineers, salespeople, technicians, advisers… together we make available to companies the best of technology. All stakeholders of GLOBALTEL hold the mastery and knowledge that make our strength. We decided to share this knowledge with companies to make them grow, by helping them to perform. »

Supporting and growing our partners is what drives and pushes us to develop increasingly technological solutions. We pair our telecom knowledge with local and quality services to allow you access to the best, at a lower cost, seamlessly and without unpleasant surprise. Everything we know, we share it with you to improve your professional comfort.