Schools and universities have very specific connectivity needs. Very often, these institutions are spread over several sectors within the same country, or even different countries? This means that there must be an interconnection between different sites using the same tools.

Moreover, when courses are provided remotely or as part of e-learning, it is fundamental to be able to ensure a very high-speed connection while managing these interconnections.

In addition, the seasonal nature of this type of establishment requires a certain flexibility and high responsiveness to be able to offer a broadband solution during busy periods.

At GLOBALTEL Networks, we master the needs of schools and universities to bring them a concrete and adapted solution: VSAT.
In addition to offering a constant and high-speed connection, VSAT is the preferred solution for a secure connection. Our in-depth knowledge of VSAT allows us to provide you with solutions that are 100% adapted to the needs of your business.

Why choose GLOBALTEL Networks ?

Listening & support

Our teams are attentive to your needs to present solutions tailored to the specifics of your activity. We guide you in your choice to ensure the proper functioning of our solutions within your environment and the performance of your company.

A sharp knowledge

Our historical technical mastery allows us to explain to you the actual operation of our satellite solutions so that you can understand their advantages and benefits. With GLOBALTEL Networks, access the future of technology thanks to clear and reliable support.

Exclusive services

In addition to our satellite offer, we offer you many exclusive services, adapted to your needs, to develop your business easily and quickly. Selfcare, extranet, domain name... Discover our different levels of service for all needs.

A strong team

Our advisers have mastered the specificities of universities and schools in terms of connection for several years. This is why we are able to guide you towards the best choices.



Very Small Aperture Terminal: VSAT stands for a satellite telecommunications system. Used for telephony and the Internet, VSAT provides stable and secure network coverage for both public and private networks. This technology is increasingly popular with companies who are looking for a reliable and constant connection while ensuring the security of their business.